Problems with the Delivery

You’ve got your goods packed up and on the truck. Thumbs up! Now you just have to wait for the delivery date and you will be good to go. As mentioned above the delivery date serves as the earliest time the goods will be delivered. This section is where a lot of the contention goes on if things go wrong. So this section will help you with getting the delivery down.

As we mentioned above late delivery is part of the delivery process. If the delivery date goes beyond a month, however, there are several things you can do.

First, send a demand letter. Let them know that you know the regulations and what they are required to do. Now the moving buddy recommends this with the caveat that depending on the nature of the company this could aid or hurt your situation. It’s like sending an angry letter, it could make the company come to their senses or just make them more angry (and remember they have your stuff). However sometimes enough is enough, and you have to put your foot down. (For help on demand letters look into our premium section)

Second, make the complaints. You can file a complaint with the FMCSA or the Better Business Bureau.  Here is the link for the FMCSA. Click here 

Charge Dispute

Unfortunately you got a bad moving company and they are looking to charge you more. They told you you gotta pay or else they are going to keep your stuff. Now there are two ways to go about this.

1) Fighting it on the front end

2) Fighting it on the back end.

Fighting on the Front End/ Playing Hardball
They want more money, you say no. It’s a standoff. What can you do in this situation?

1) First, you can file a complaint with the FMCSA (the same complaint area as stated in late delivery).  Here is the link to filing a complaint (located on the left side, you most likely will want to check at least moving company). Click here

2) Second, if the member is part of answer, you can file a complaint with AMSA and have them help you out. Here is the link to file a complaint. Click here

3) Last, is MoveRescue. MoveRescue is an amazing organization that helps out shippers with problems like yourself. FOR FREE. It is a free service so please treat them with respect as they are not obligated to help you (and the better you treat them the more likely they are going to put more effort into your situation). Here is the link to their site. Click here

  • Tips on working with MoveRescue.
  • Have all your documents ready (estimate, bill of lading, order of service, inventory).
  • Describe how your incident happened in simple terms (delay, overcharge, hostage).

4)  Note on playing hardball: What typically happens when you play hardball is it will take a longer time. This is more of a war of attrition. The moving company does not want your stuff, they want your money. They will tack on more charges for holding your goods and you can keep fighting until the situation either escalates to having a the government step in or the company gets sick of waiting and caves.

This is typically not recommended but we understand if you don’t have the money to pay. Remember there is a chance that your goods may take an extremely long time to come or may not come at all in the worst case scenario.


Fighting on the Back End/ Claims route

This is the route we typically recommend. If you are fighting on the back end you pay the increased price and then try to work through post delivery solutions to get your money back.

If you care about your goods a great deal, fighting on the back end is usually the better situation, for it switches the situation. Before the moving company has your goods and you are trying to negotiate to get your stuff back. Fighting on the back end switches the situation around with the moving company having your money now and you have your goods. Now you are trying to get your money back which is preferable for some people (especially if you have irreplaceable items).