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Choosing Moving Companies is hard. While we gave you a few tips, some people may still want some extra help on choosing a moving company. Below you can find the Moving Buddies reviews of moving companies. If you have any moving companies you would like us to review, feel free to comment below.

Our review will be based upon costs, service, and violations. Remember our review is our sole opinion and experiences can vary.


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  1. I was already moved and contracted with who brokered my move to Executive moving and storage. My property was 90%. (NO exaggeration broken and stolen) I have filed complaint after complaint with every I can think of but cannot get help. I have also been contacted by investigative reporters and others who were also scammed by these companies. Can you help me on what to do now? If I file a small claim, do I file in the area of the Moving Company? My origin State or my destination State? Companies are both based in Las Vegas so was told i need to go there? If that is the case no wonder they get away with it and are still in business. I would love to know how to proceed and maybe even do a class action suit with the dozens of families scammed by these same two companies? Here is wherre i have filed complaints:

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      Hi Deborah,

      I apologize for the delay. Yes you want to file with the moving company. And no that is not true that you have to file in Las Vegas. They are operating in interstate commerce which means that they work federally. Consequently, you can serve them in your own state. The FMCSA is a great place to file a complaint, however, if you want to go after them in small claims or general civil court, you can serve their state service agent. I am not sure which state you are in, but here is the list of their service agents (the name of the blanket company is SKB TRUCKING PERMITS & LOGISTICS, INC). Look for you state and that is where you can serve them.


      The Moving Buddy

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