Extra Tips for Choosing your Company

Other than background checking your moving company there are several other tips to help you make sure that you have a good company.

1) In-home Estimate

You want to have an in-home estimate. This is when the company actually comes to your home to estimate what the cost of the move will be, after taking an inventory of what is has to move.

If the company refuses or does not offer, that is an off the back big warning sign. The reason is one of the most common moving scams is for a company to just have a phone or online estimate and when the company arrives say something like “oh you have much more than what you put down” and charge you up to twice as much, even if it is the exact same stuff! So a word to the wise, get an in home estimate.

2) Rights and Responsibilities

The moving company is required to provide you a booklet that states “Your Rights and Responsibilities and the FMCSA’s Ready to move brochure. Many moving companies do not provide this, and will have some sort of waiver they will have you sign on the estimate.

Like 1), while not providing this doesn’t make the company automatically a bad company, a good company will provide one.

3) Broker v. Carrier

What’s the difference? A mover can actually move you while a broker only makes the deals (think middleman). The broker is NOT responsible for any damages that occur during your move.

So a good rule of thumb is to make sure you are dealing with a carrier instead of a broker (which the company should state, and can also be found in background checking the company).

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