Sometimes filing a claim is not enough. And sometimes arbitration is not enough either. The next step is going to court. There are two methods that you can take, first going to small claims court and second, full blown suit.

Small claims is a great route to go because you do not need to have a lawyer to represent you. Mind you, there are benefits of having a lawyer (such as having someone who actually knows the law and how to deal with the court), but it can be expensive. Small claims is limited to only certain dispute amounts. They are listed below with a link to a website that provides the same information and a link to each state’s small claim process. (Recent as of 2015).





Website:NOLO Small Claim’s List

This is the step you take when the buck stops. You’ve had enough and you want this company to pay. While typically we do not recommend litigation, as it can be expensive, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Our best tip for this is to hire a transportation attorney. There is a transportation lawyer’s association that we recommend you look at it. You can find a list of them here. Click here