Moving is a stressful experience.  It is a crazy time in your life where so many things can go wrong, and everything has to go perfectly to go right.

We have worked in the moving industry for a while and has seen all the pitfalls and traps consumers can fall into.  There we helped people from choosing moving companies, to resolving disputes with movers, to filing claims, and much more. What we learned from working there is that most people don’t really understand what are the proper steps and rules for moving. This makes sense as its usually just a once or twice in a life thing.

The problem lies though in the combination of people not knowing much about moving combined with the lack of material to educate people on moving. Working in consumer advocacy, we heard daily people’s heartbreaking stories about losing their family heirlooms or being scammed by companies trying to take more money from them when they could barely pay their monthly bills. We thought we could try to help out by solving the later, and we created a website to help educate people.

We hope that regardless of how much you read or don’t read, you have a great move!