You are about to move, (congratulations!) and want to learn where to start. Or maybe you are in the midst of a move and you are running into problems. Moving can be a tricky business and you are worried about a million questions like:

How do I

Well worries be gone, the Moving Buddy is here to help! We’ve got tips from choosing your company all the way to after your delivery.

So take a breath and relax, cuz your buddy has got your back now.

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    Before Your Move

    This section helps guide you on the types of moving companies and choosing one, how to background check your moving company, and extra tips on pre-moving. Click here

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    During Your Move

    This section talks you through the paperwork you should receive (and what is required for the paperwork) as well as how to deal with problems with the paperwork and problems that may occur during the delivery. Click here

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    After Your Move

    This section helps guide you through post move problems, teaching you how to file a claim, what to expect in arbitration, and what to do if you want to go to court. Click here

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